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Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions document covers the website www.mayflydigital.com.au which is owned by Mayfly Digital; ABN 14 474 956 861 and the work of Mayfly Digital; ABN 14 474 956 861.

Nothing in these terms and conditions guarantees exemption to Australian Consumer Law.

All of our advertised prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars) unless marked otherwise.

Mayfly Digital reserves the right to refuse service, products or content to anyone.

If a customer chooses to maintain a website themselves they agree the responsibility is theirs.

The website, the website’s contents and the work of the company is protected by Copyright laws in Australia and the international treaty.

This site and all its contents is designed for personal or non-commercial use.

Mayfly Digital retains all titles, trademarks, copyrights and domain names. Nothing you do on the website or in relation to the business will transfer these entities.

If you would like to terminate work carried out by Mayfly Digital, you may do so by contacting us via email at admin@mayflydigital.com.au giving us 30 days notice to terminate the work.

Mayfly Digital may terminate work with you immediately if: -you have breached the Terms and Conditions -if we are required to do so by law -if we deem reasonable to do so through our discretion.

Refunds: If a client changes their mind or is unhappy with the work a refund may apply if adhered to the following conditions. If a client changes their mind within 24 hours they may receive a full refund less a 10% administration fee and less any expenses already made which cannot be refunded by Mayfly Digital [this may be a domain name purchase, hosting, or a theme]. Once work has been done outside of a 24 hour period, it is up to the discretion of the Mayfly Digital to deem what a reasonable refundable amount is based on time spent on the project. Mayfly Digital holds the right to refuse log in details of websites or content in the case of absence of payment.

Use of the website is at your own risk and without any warranties.

Mayfly Digital employees, directors, affiliates, agents, contributors and licensors: -express no warranty on content provided to clients -guarantee accuracy in information expressed on the website or client’s website -guarantee performance results in sales increases, lead generation, social media analytics, website analytics or any other performance areas. -guarantee an absence of issue whether security, legal or other issues.

If a legal dispute arises, either party may not commence legal proceedings unless written notice is given, outlining what the issue is and what needs to be resolved.

The accused party must have 10 days to resolve the issue from time of receiving notice.

Both parties must agree on a mediator, in the case of non-agreement, the mediator must be selected by the President of the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria or his or her nominees.

The party seeking relief is liable for all fees and reasonable expenses of a mediator and the cost of venue for mediation, the parties will have to pay their own legal costs as part of the mediation.

The mediation must take place in Victoria, Australia.

By agreeing to these terms and condition, you agree Mayfly Digital, its employees, directors, affiliates, agents, contributors and licensors are not liable for direct, indirect, incidental or exemplary damages or loss which may occur to you.

You agree to indemnify Mayfly Digital, its employees, directors, affiliates, agents, contributors and licensors from or against all actions, suits, claims, demands, liabilities, costs or loss suffered by connection to the content or work provided by Mayfly Digital or any direct or indirect consequences of accessing our website or working with the company.

This Terms and Conditions document may change without warning through our discretion.

Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the policy and disagreement with the policy should be acted on by immediately no longer using the website.

If you have any complaints or concerns with this Terms and Conditions document, you may contact us via email through admin@mayflydigital.com.au.