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Mayfly Guide to Social Media

I don’t have to tell you guys what social media is because not only do you already know, as a society we are borderline addicted to it.

In fact on average we spend nearly two hours every day on our socials, according to Social Media Today.

What this means is if we want to maximise our online presence, we have to be active on social media.

Having said that, social media managing can be a time consuming task, so to use our time most effectively we need to understand the social media landscape so we know which platforms to invest time in and the best way to target audiences on those platforms and this is what this guide aims to do.

This graphic breaks down the amount of time on average people spend on each of the major social media platforms.

Let’s break down each platform to gain a better understanding of the users on each platform.


Facebook is a major social media platform which involves status sharing, instant messaging, event posting and photo sharing to name a few.
15 million Australian active users.

With numbers like this, it goes without saying that both men and women are heavily on Facebook.

While there is quite a large drop off in people over 40 using Facebook, Facebook is still one of the best platforms to reach people over 40 as the drop off is much greater in almost all other Social Media Platforms.

Features for Business Owners
Facebook Pixel - Analytics tool to measure and better target audiences with advertising.

Business Reviews - Encourage customers with positive experiences to leave a positive review on your Facebook Page.

Status, Photo and Event Sharing - Facebook is a great tool to promote business updates, photos and event.

Boost Post: If there is a particular photo or status update you would like shared to more people, Facebook offers Boost Post functionality to reach a wider audience.
-Make sure all you company information is filled out. This encourages page visitors to get in contact with you. For example by putting in your phone number, Facebook can add a Call button on your page. By putting in your business address, Facebook can incorporate a map into your page.

-Having photos tailored to Facebook's templates is essential. Facebook recommends certain pixel widths and heights for Profile and Cover Photos. While you don't need to have your photos perfectly within these pixel dimensions, straying too far away from them can look unprofessional. We can help custom design Facebook cover and profile photos for you.

-If you do choose to use paid advertising through Facebook, setting up Facebook Pixel is essential to get the most out of your campaign as it tracks, what audiences are responding better to the ad and can target those audiences going forward. We can help set up an Ad campaign with Facebook Pixel.


Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform where users post quality over quantity content.
9 million Australian active users, heavily skewed toward young people.
Features for Business Owners
Paid Advertising - Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, the company offers advertising which will appear across the Facebook Newsfeed, the Instagram Feed and in Instagram stories.

Stories - Stories are photos or videos which are only shared for a 24 hours period.

Highlights - Highlights are stories that have been categories which helps followers look at content which they are interested in. If you are running the social media for a gym, you may create categories of 'Cardio', 'Weights' and 'Yoga'.

-Make sure all you company information is filled out. This allows you to add buttons atop your profile saying 'Call', 'Email' and 'Directions'. This helps convert social media impressions into leads and sales.

-Quality over quantity. Instagram is about sharing the best quality photos you have, so a little more attention should be put into what photos are being posted on Instagram over other platforms.

-Use #hashtags. Use relevant hashtags on your posts to increase exposure. Instagram users may search posts by hashtags so by using many you are increasing your chances of being found.

-Tag people in posts - use the @symbol as well to increase interactivity, build social relationships and again increase exposure.


YouTube is a video sharing platform owned by Google.
15 million Australian active users.

Both men and women well represented.

Strong representation across all age groups.

Features for Business Owners
Video posting - The main feature of YouTube is to have a platform to share videos you have created.

Video Embedding - Video Embedding is when a video is placed in a website page. Youtube makes embedding easy, through providing embed codes which can be added to your website.

Sharing buttons from your video to other social media platforms.

Welcome to my channel functionality - To help people get an introduction to your business when arriving at your channel, you can create a video introducing your business and your channel which will automatically play when people arrive at your channel.

About Section - There is an About Section of a YouTube profile. Here you can give a written description of your business and provide links to your websites.
-To avoid people downloading and and publishing your content as their own, you can add a watermark to your videos. We can help with this if desired.

-Having an intro video increases the professionalism of your channel and gives visitors a good experience.

-Having a consistent intro and outro sequence to your website can give your videos a professional finish. This may be an animation given to your logo with your company website appearing underneath. We can help with this if desired.

There are a million tips for creating good video but we'll just leave you with just one for this guide. While zooming used to be a very popular technique in video production, in modern times, many people see zoom as unprofessional giving videos a high school project feel to them. If you want to show a close up and a long shot of the same thing, simply jump cut between the two shots.


LinkedIn is a business and employment oriented social media platform.
4.4 million Australian active users, heavily skewed towards business oriented people.
Features for Business Owners
- Advertising which can be targeted to job role, industry, location and job title.

- LinkedIn has a great article and blog posting platform.

Networking is one of the major benefits of using LinkedIn. Connect with people in your industry and your potential customers and share valuable information through posts, photos and articles.

Analytics - LinkedIn provides feedback about how many people viewed your posts, as well as seeing like and comment information data. You can use this information to find out what people enjoy seeing you post.
As always, ensuring your company profile is filled out is essential to ensure a professional look.

Reach out to wide audiences to increase your network. Tailor your network to your business. For example, if your business sells work out equipment, you can search the job title 'personal trainer' and extend invites to personal trainers to join your network.

As mentioned before LinkedIn has a great article posting platform. While that is great to have people read your articles, that means people are reading the articles on LinkedIn's platform and not your website. One of the main reasons we have social media is to drive traffic to our website. To do this, create hyperlinks throughout your articles to encourage readers to click through to your website. Or provide a snippet of your article and encourage readers to 'read more' by clicking the link to your website'.


Snapchat is a photo sharing platform in which shared content disappears quickly. It can be a good platform for event updates and keeping followers up to date with on the go photo content.
6.3 million Australian active users, heavily skewed toward young people.
Features for Business Owners
While a major function of Snapchat is to send people photos which will display for a few seconds and disappear, most businesses use the Story function. This is a photo or video which will be available to see for a 24 hour period.

Verification - If you have built a substantial following, you can get verified to demonstrate you are the official poster for you business.

-Snapchat should be updated regularly, dare I say quantity over quality. So be wary of the time commitment of using the platform if you decide to have it as part of your social media plan.

-If you hold events, Snapchat is a great way to give regular updates to your followers of the happenings at the event.

-Snapchat videos often involve someone talking to the camera. Get a member of your team with a bubbly personality to commentate your Snapchat posts.


Twitter is a platform in which users post tweets (140 character or less public messages), share news, photos and is often used to have conversations publicly with other Twitter users.
4.5 million Australian active users, heavily skewed toward young people.
Features for Business Owners
Twitter is a good platform to give followers constant updates of happenings with your business. Again more of a focus of quantity over quality.

Verification - If you have built a substantial following, you can get verified by Twitter (a.k.a. getting your blue tick) which helps to increase your followers.

-Keep it Concise! While having a character cap on your tweets somewhat forces you to do this anyway, it's always a good rule on Twitter to cut out the fluff.

-If you hold events, Twitter is a great way to give regular updates to your followers.

-Use #hastags: hashtags help people find your tweets as people may search tweets by hashtag. Learn relevant hashtags to the field your business operates in. For example #auspol is a popular hashtag for Australian Political content.

-Use @ functionality to tag people in Tweets. This increase interactivity and again increases the ways people can find your posts.


Pinterest is a pinboard style photo sharing website which allows users to create and manage image collections.
270,000 active Australian active users. 81% of Pinterest active users are female.
Features for Business Owners
While Pinterest may sound similar to Instagram it is different in the sense that Instagram is mainly about posting your own photos while Pinterest is more about sharing photos you like which may be inspirational, provide ideas or you just find aesthetically pleasing.

Creating aesthetically pleasing Pinboards can be a great way to showcase your sense of style to followers. It is more relevant for design based businesses.

Although active user numbers are relatively low, it is not a bad platform to use, particularly for businesses with large female bases. This is because if you post good content you can have a lot of people sharing your images which you can link to your website.
-Visual focus is imperative. Style is a major focus of Pinterest so take the care to make sure everything is looking neat and beautiful before posting.

-Write clear descriptions on pins to entice click-throughs to your website.

-Categorize content to allow a good user experience for those on your Pinboards.

-Be social yourself. Like and share relevant content, just not content of direct competitors.


Google+ is a social networking platform owned by you guessed it... Google. It features status posting, photo sharing and community building.
55,000 active Australian active users. This is an estimate performed by social
Features for Business Owners
Google+ has been included in the list out of the interest of not leaving anything out but truthfully it has very low active users numbers compared to most of the other major platforms.

That's not too say there isn't good functionality available through Google+, it's just the user base isn't very strong which has to be a major factor when deciding if it's a worthwhile platform to invest time into

-While I wouldn't say being on Google+ is essential for creating a large online presence for your business, it may be a good time to mention, having your Google business account configured is. This is very imporant for SEO. We can help with this if desired.

-Google+ has good functionality to share articles which are on your website so if you have an account and post blogs, it is platform you can share your articles on.
Now for some General Tips that should be applied across the board, no matter what platform you are using.

Some of these may seem obvious but so many small businesses are not doing the basics so it’s worth a reminder.
- Simply creating posts is not enough. Engage with your followers and reach out to potential new followers. Respond to messages and comments.. Facebook even tells page visitors how well you respond to messages.

-If you are managing lots of social media platforms, there are tools such as HooteSuite which has a dashboard which you can manage all your social media on.

-Create lots of links to your website from your social media to drive traffic to your website. (Important first step is to have content worth sharing on your website.)

-Have social media share buttons set up from blog and event pages to help spread the word of your content.

-Embed your social media content in your articles and blogs. This could be a YouTube video or a relevant Tweet.

-Choose the social media platforms which suite your demographic and do them well. Unless you have a lot of time and or money to spend on social marketing, you can’t run all your socials at a high level. Choose the socials which will give you the most output for your time and money and focus on those.

-Come up with social media plans at the start of the week and schedule posts. This can be a real time saver and you can ensure your socials are being updated even if the work week gets chaotic.

-Study analytics: all social media platforms provide some level of analytics. Whether it be post views, likes, retweets, favourites or shares; notice what kind of content is gaining the most traction on which platforms and at which time and of course have fun with it. Social Media is often fun and light-hearted so show the lighter side of your company’s personality.

Key Terms

Bitly- A platform used to shorten URLs to make URLs more suitable for tweets.

Clickthrough rate- A common metric used by social media marketers measuring the amount of social media post viewers which click the showcased link.

Collective Intelligence - Shared intelligence from a number of people collaborating which can often occur on social media platforms.

Community Manager - Community Manager is a social media role which entails curating conversations and nurturing growth in online communities.

Connections - These are people in your LinkedIn network. They are categorized as 1st degree if you have accepted each other as connections, 2nd degree if you have a mutual connection, 3rd degree and so on.

Conversion rate - Another common metric used by social media marketers. This one measures the amount of people that have completed a desired task, e.g. complete a survey.

Direct Messages - Also known as DM’s, these are private messages which can be sent over Twitter or Instagram.

Endorsement - This a function of LinkedIn, where people can verify skill sets of people in their network.

Geotag - This is a function where directional coordinates are attached to a post.

GIF- Graphic Interchange Format is a type of graphic often used on social media to convey emotion. If you would like help creating a GIF let us know.

Handle - Handle is another term for someone’s username on an online platform. It is often expressed as @________.

Hashtag - A Hashtag is a common tool on many social media platforms to annotate a message to help people find posts on certain topics.

Impressions - This is a term used by social media marketers which measures the amount of views an ad has received.

Link-Building - This is an important SEO tool which should be used across social media and websites alike.

Mention - A mention is Twitter term for when someone tags someone else’s ‘handle’ in their Tweet.

News Feed- This is the name for the main dashboard on Facebook.

Newsjacking - An advertising method of using current events to promote your business.

Retweet - This is a Twitter term for someone shares your tweet to their followers.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation is the steps web developers and social media marketers take to have their website and content rank above their competitors on search engines. Check out the Mayfly Guide to Search Engine Optimisation for more information on this topic.

Social Proof - This is the name of a psychological phenomenon explaining how people turn to social media for queues on how to act.

Tagging - The act of linking someone’s or a group’s profile in your posts.

Trending Topic - Topics of public conversation which are popular right now.

Troll - People on the internet who aim to cause controversy on social media posts for entertainment purposes.

User Generated Content - This is where you encourage your followers to create content related to your brand and post it on social media.

Vlogging - Vlogging stangs for video blogging and is the act of documenting your daily activities through the medium of video.

Joe is the co-founder of Mayfly Digital. When not creating big presences for small businesses, he can be found playing board games, doing jiu jitsu, yoga or watching true crime shows.

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